It’s going up! Update May 2015

The building is on its way up. Praise God!

b1In my last update I told you about the wonderful gift of £20,000, since then money has steadily been coming in and from having £25,000 we now have £49,000 for the project.

Also on April 6th Nick Delport arrived in Bukavu and is there as I write.

It’s a good job he went because the build was seriously foundering before he arrived.

A builder called Daniel had been given the first contract after Boniface had had quotes from 3 builders. He knew that the builder must have previous extensive experience at building 2 storey reinforced concrete buildings and apparently Daniel did. Boniface sent us the quotes (Nick and I) and we agreed on Daniel

I had sent Boniface the architect’s drawings and a detailed instruction document from Nick explaining in detail with drawings how we wanted the build to proceed.

I asked for photos at every stage and the first photos were very disturbing.

We had asked for 1 metre deep foundation trenches to be dug – along which at every 2.5 metres were going to be reinforced pillars.

b2As you can see from this photo the foundations were far too shallow especially in-between where the pillars were due to go.

I urgently emailed Boniface and explained again the need for 1 metre deep foundations and that Daniel must follow the architect’s drawings and the instruction document from Nick.

The next photo I received was equally disturbing. As you can see from the photo (right) the trenches have been dug properly but the vertical reinforcing bars (rebars) have been pushed into the ground for the pillars when they should be tied into horizontal rebars in the base of the trenches. Also the concrete has been poured.b3

This meant I had to instruct them to break up the concrete and remove the pillars which was extra cost to the project.

I am so glad that this project belongs to God and not me! God had told me to approach Nick about going out for a time to supervise the build and Nick had also been obedient to what God was saying and so he now arrived in Bukavu and it is no exaggeration to say he saved the project!

Nick had to do quite a bit of corrective work, but once he was in charge the work has progressed much quicker.

It was obvious to both Nick and I that Boniface and Daniel needed training to know how to do the build and especially how to continue the build once Nick leaves at the beginning of June so Nick suggested and I agreed that instead of working on the whole building and maybe completing to the first floor,(but maybe not even getting that far due to the correction work and the foundations not being ready when Nick got here), he would build the whole building right up to the roof but only for the first third of the building – as the white square in the diagram below shows.


This is what he has concentrated on and I soon received a photo of the completed foundations in that first third of the building.

Then the latest pictures show the walls going up (picture top of this blog post)

b6Boniface and his daughter have of course been keeping detailed accounts of the expenditure and I receive regular updated spreadsheets (Nick has helped them with this too).

What is apparent is that costs are escalating; they have already spent $31,507, which is about equivalent to £21,000, so we can be sure the final bill will exceed what was the original target of £60,000.

After the miraculous gift of £20,000 that I received earlier I have learned not to stress or get anxious about the money needed because this is God’s project as He has made abundantly clear and I know he will provide, however I want to make you aware of the need and again to ask churches to please invite me to come and share about this project and to ask the Lord if He wants you to have the joy of being part of this project by giving.

This building needs to be completed before the rainy season comes in October so all the money is needed now.

I am excited at what God is doing and believing that what he begins he will bring to completion.

Soon I hope to send a newsletter that shows the completed building but until then please keep praying for us.

God richly bless you