The project has 3 main parts

PART 1 - Construction

Construction and refurbishment is planned to be in three phases:

Phase 1 was achieved in 2012

1. The floor of the passageway was concreted and tiled. The existing brick building was re-plastered and painted.

after no 1 of phase 1 of construction

2. The Kitchen – A new kitchen was constructed in the room which is next to the old classroom, this included, plumbing and putting in fittings such as cooker, fridge, freezer, cupboards and sink and the kitchen was equipped. Total cost £6,000. 

after-no-2-of-phase-1-of-construction-(2) after-no-2-of-phase-1-of-construction

3. The whole college was rewired.

4. Some doors and windows were renewed and the brick building had a new roof put on it.

after no 4 of phase 1 of constructionafter no 4 of phase 1 of construction (2)

5. A new generator was purchased

The cost for 1. 3, 4 and 5 was £4,000

Phase 2 achieved in 2013

A large 15’ X 9’ X 5’ reinforced concrete septic tank was built. Total cost £7,000

after no 1 of phase 2 of construction (2)  after no 1 of phase 2 of construction

Phase 3 achieved in 2016

In October 2014 the old main wooden hall was demolished and over the next 2 years a new 3 storey building was erected in its place. The opening for this took place in Sept 2016. The total cost for the building was £140,000 and many miracles took place to make this happen.


Passageway, now covered

Main Hall

PART 2 - Sponsorship


To sponsor up to 20 students at the cost of £5 per student per week. This has no date to implement and we can do this with immediate effect once people begin to take up the sponsorship. Whoever sponsors a student will receive information on who the student is and their progress within the college. The total cost for a year will be £220

PART 3 - Guest Teachers

Guest Teachers

To arrange teams of Bible teachers to go out for a 3 weeks’ visit and to teach at the college, conforming to the curriculum agreed with Boniface. These teams will take out the necessary materials for the teaching. The teaching will be in English through an interpreter.