We are so nearly there

Please can you help us finish this build?

Boniface has borrowed to get the top floor done – we need God to supply money to complete this build, and repay the loans. Please pray for us.  

Top floor walls are almost complete and so is the roof


Inside ground floor now in use again!!


They are using gallons and gallons of water and it all has to be carried in as the pipe isn’t working and they are being charged for every drop. The women are doing this job!


I would love to come and talk at your church about the project. if you would like me to come please call me on 01922 683060 or email me at gill@bukavuproject.org.uk.

I am so grateful to all those who have sacrificially given to get the build as far as it is THANK YOU

Recently Boniface sent me an email, here is an excerpt:

‘I had been believing the resources would come in soon and trying to put sheets on before the rainy season arrive (September). Daniel (the really good builder from Rwanda) was also manacing (menacing) to leave and take another contract somewhere else as he was not sure how long it would take us to restart the construction after the temporal stop. So far we have come to the second lunton waiting only to lay down trusses and all that is needed to make the frame prior to the complete roofing. We have stopped there for the first floor. Yesterday we have only started  putting in some metal windows that were  still sitting on the site.  We have problem putting up the water tank. We did it once but we had to put it back down as the running water has not enough pressure to take it up to the tank. Will see what could be done in the future. The drains in front are already build up but not  covered yet.

So you can tell from this that they are up to the roof but Boniface has already borrowed nearly £7,000 and although I am sending money out as soon as it comes in we really need to make a push now to get the money out to him to finish the roof and upper walls and make the shell of the building watertight.

With your help we could get it completed before the rainy season in October.

There will still be a lot of work to do after, like electrics, plumbing, plastering, stud walling, ceilings, white goods,  furnishing and so on, but at least they will not be dependant on dry weather and nothing will spoil in the tropical rain.

Daniel is an excellent builder as Nick said in his blog and if he goes to another contract because we cannot continue with the work, we may have to wait a long long time to get him back. Good, honest builders are like gold and we don’t want to lose him.

They have so little in Congo and we have so much. This Bible college is going to make a significant difference to the work of God’s Kingdom in that region. Already it is making an impact in the area because of the standard of workmanship and in the direct area which is a very poor part of Bukavu the officials are impressed that something good is being built .
Other buildings nearby have no foundations at all and recently there was an earthquake of 5.6 – our building was in good shape after it but I wouldn’t like to be on the top floor of the other buildings nearby.
I want to finish the building so that we can get on with the real business of teaching men and women to go back to their towns and villages and not only preach the gospel but demonstrate it in lives of integrity and uprightness.
Please help us finish it.
I know if this was a project to help orphan children or sick children it would attract money from all sorts of places including secular organisations but because this is a project to build a Bible College only the church will respond and yet it is as vital for Congo as helping the children.
This means we are dependant on Christian men and women and churches to give.
We are so near please will you give even if only a little to get the building water tight?
Thank you

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